The Caribbean is a treasure trove of things that you can do and see as it is filled with lots of magnificent destinations that you can explore. Combining adventure with relaxation, it is rich in history, mouth-watering cuisines, luxury hotels, hiking trails, budget backpacking; there is always something for every type of traveler. But if you’re making the effort to get down there, why should you limit yourself to just one destination? What follows below are some of the top Caribbean Islands destinations not to be missed on your future sailing trips.

The Bahamas

A great starting point; The Bahamas cover about 470,000 square kilometers of ocean. It also connects the Caribbean with the coastal reaches of the United States, specifically the states of Florida. The stunning cays and sandy bars have been members of the Commonwealth since the late 18th century. The islands feature neoclassic architecture of the Bahamian Parliaments and the walls of the Fort Charlotte, or the remains thereof, resulting from the colonization by the British and defense against conquering bands of pirates and Buccaneers. The island is gaining more fame as a top destination not to be missed as it features a growing plethora of fun and exciting things that travelers may experience. Lots of attractions will suit tourists from all backgrounds. The reefs of the Grand Bahamas, for instance, is a paradise for ecotourists as is the secluded inlets of Long Island filled with white sandy beaches, and the coral gardens of Bimini offer experienced divers breathtaking underwater opportunities.

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Cayman Islands

This is a perfect place to visit for nature lovers as it is filled with endangered sea turtles, multi-colored iguanas, blooming ghost orchids. The islands are located between Cuba and Jamaica and patrons will be mesmerized by their beauty. The Grand Cayman is filled with untouched, seaweed-dressed sands on little Cayman Brac. You can also explore some iconic landmarks and buildings like the St. James Castle, as well as museums rich in British maritime history and Caribbean piracy in George Town. The area also offers excellent dive sites like the Stingray City, Boatswain’s Beach, and more! After dinner, enjoy the vibrant nightlife with lots of opportunities to party the evening away like al fresco parties at the Sunset House or cocktails at Billy Bones.


In Jamaica, travelers may start exploring the country from the north shore which features powdery sandy beaches along the mesmerizing Seven Mile Beach to Negril Cliffs to the luxury resorts at tourist favorite, Montego Bay. You can explore the stunning Dunn’s River Falls before heading to the iconic James Bond Beach. There you can then explore the jungles of Ochos Rios. In the eastern part of the country, you can explore the magnificent Blue Mountains that rise in the swathes of jungle, you can visit the birthplace of the legendary, Bob Marley, at the Nine Mile or explore the run bars of Kingston where the rhythmic beat of smooth Reggae music lulls all worries away.

Turks and Caicos

The Turks and Caicos feature 300 tiny islets located in the midst of the Lucayan Archipelago and are filled with sandbanks and rugged pillars of rock which rises above the waters of Caribbean Sea. Although the Cockburn Town is the capital of the island, experienced travelers know to head to the laid back vibes of the Providenciales. Providenciales features rest upon a U-shaped speck of land and is fringed by alabaster-white Grace Bay. This area is filled with luxurious five-star resorts emanating with old pirate carvings from the 19th century and mesmerizing coral gardens. Romantic Honeymooners frequent areas like Malcolm Beach for its never-ending beauty and classic feel..

British Virgin Islands

There is a bit more we have to say about the BVI’s…. Check back with us later!

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