Why choose a yacht vacation?

When you picture your dream luxury boating holiday, do you picture turquoise waters and clear blue skies? Unique beautiful destinations with starry skies and the sea breeze whipping through your hair?  And maybe even falling asleep to soothing crashing of waves? Redefine your idea of vacation through SkipperMyBoat’s incredible luxury rental yachts.

We have a wide variety of breathtaking yachts to choose from that offer a personalised experience. Luxury all-inclusive experiences with a full crew is a wonderful way to pamper the one you love or escape on your own peaceful private getaway for the perfect retreat. Planning an unforgettable experience is what we have in mind for your special Anniversary, Bachelor and Bachelorette Party, or celebrating Mother’s or Father’s day.

A number of our larger boats have extensive luxury accommodations and features such as jacuzzis, self-contained entertainment centres, with some even including the use of smaller vessels such as jet skis and kayaks.

Unlike vacations on land, you don’t have to think so locally. Vacationing on a yacht provides you with the ability to travel to a variety of mesmerising locations, without any restrictions. It also allows you to enjoy new activities, such as exploring areas that are inaccessible from the land, such as islands, jetties and dive spots. With any one of our boats, you can take part in ocean fishing, swimming, deep-sea diving or scuba diving. All of the options can be requested when you make your booking through the SkipperMyBoat website or app.

Why choose SkipperMyBoat?

We’re a global boat rental marketplace. Therefore SkipperMyBoat makes it possible to arrange a spectacular nautical adventure in a matter of minutes. Our easy-to-use app lets you explore a variety of options, such as “sailboat rentals Florida” and “yachts for rent in Miami.” Our reach allows you to have access to boat rentals in many docks.

Docks range from Seattle, San Diego, Austin, Newport Beach, Dana Point, the British Virgin Islands, Caribbean to Italy,

With so many options, SkipperMyBoat also provides you with the right tools to easily search the various options available to you, all in one convenient place. Our listing categories vary, from “bareback rental,” where you can be the captain of the boat, to “boat lodging (docked),” which allows you to stay at a marina. We also allow you to search for “sailing school,” “catamaran rentals”, “sailboat rentals” and more.

With SkipperMyBoat, you also don’t have to rent in only one place; you can schedule a trip that involves multiple boats at different destinations. This versatility allows you to plan a unique and exciting journey.

Searching and booking through SkipperMyBoat’s website or app provides you with a way to understand what exactly it is that you want from your trip, and how much that will cost. Our rentals also don’t come with a host of hidden costs, like extra charges for weekend stays, pool fees and parking fees. What you see on the website or app is the full rental cost.

Our search engine has adaptive scales and multiple choices, providing you with the power to set parameters best for your budget, wants and needs. They are available for renting per half day, per day or per voyage.

Another feature we can provide is the ability to provide you with a captain if required. We pre-screen all our captains and boat owners, so they’re guaranteed to be licensed, insured and able to give you the best experience possible. Therefore you can start looking right away for the sailing day trip of your dreams or the voyage of a lifetime, without worry.

To get to know our boats and captains better, you can check out their profile page and YouTube videos, both available on our site, or via our app.

Feel free to browse our listings or contact us directly to learn what we can provide, to help you create some unforgettable moments.

Here are a few of our favourite yachts:






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