This month we are focusing on an affordable European sailing hotspot found inside and around the islands and waterways of a beautiful little country called Greece! The most significant charter base is in Alimos, Athens. This port makes a fantastic setting off point for sailing to the popular Cyclades Islands or the stunning Argo-Saronic islands. For the best adventure experience aboard a sailing vessel or yacht amongst the islands, SMB selects Globus Yachting as our favorite charter group and fleet of the month!

Globus Yachting has listed its fleet with Skippermyboat and are quickly becoming a booking favorite. Its vessels are available for charter all around the Greek islands and seldom other operators know the area quite like Globus Yachting. Their pristine sailboats, yachts, captains, and crew are highly recommended in the area with many years of operational experience in the charter industry alongside their warm presence and sense of adventure. Passengers have reviewed Globus Yachting with outstanding ratings that include the level of in-depth knowledge of Greek history and culture that compliment guest experiences. 

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Why vacation in Greece?

For one, the picturesque white-washed houses and beautiful blue adorned churches by bustling harbors, idyllic anchorages, vibrant culture, and rich history – Greece is the perfect destination for the ultimate Mediterranean holiday. The Greek Isles hold too many ancient sites, beautiful beaches, delicious food and romantic seascapes to list! Greece has some of the most breathtaking waters. A good navigator can quickly make this area the perfect place for an exciting sailing vacation. Customers even have the option to request a Captain tailored pathway or their very own particular route amidst countless islands of interest! These Islands are conveniently located within easy sailing distance of one another. At Globus Yachting, no two days aboard are exactly alike and we like it like that.

And of course, sailing this area has its hot times of the year and one of the most coveted for sailing is right around the corner! This date range is called the “Alkyonides” which is a three-week time span between Christmas and mid-January where the elements for sailing are just right. Every day during this period the skies are a crisp, cloudless brilliant blue and the temperature is usually a warm 60 degrees Fahrenheit (15 degrees Celsius). Sailing weather like this has been known to cause many a customer to take a sabbatical from their day job in pursuit of the continuous serenity of the sea. Sailor beware!

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Now let’s take a deep dive into some areas you must add to your Greek adventure agenda!

The Islands of Greece

The islands of Greece make up 20% of the total area of the country, creating a coastline of more than 15000 kilometres and therefore making Greece one of the most popular sailing holiday destinations in the world. Each island is unique, and many adorned with secret coves and beaches that are only accessible by boat, so sailing truly is the best and only way to see Greece.

The Sporades

The Greek archipelago is a particularly attractive playground for sailors with a variety of nautical experience. One of the best sailing destinations in the Greek archipelago is in the region of the Sporades, a group of small green islands with a multitude of beautiful coves and sandy beaches, located in the northern Aegean, off the coast of Pilio.

The three main islands of the Sporades are Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonissos as well as a magnitude of smaller uninhabited islands to explore called Pelagos, Kyra Panaghia, Peristera, Skantzoura, Giaoura, Piperi and Psathoura. The Alonissos island is a National Marine Park and comes highly recommended. The island is also a habitat and breeding ground for the rare and endangered Mediterranean Monk seal.

Distances between the islands are negligible, so hopping from one to the next (and revelling it their unique beauty) won’t be difficult. 

To visit this particular group of islands, we recommend departing from Attica, which is one of the main departure points to the various island groups. Attica has many marinas with high-quality services. Otherwise, one can also depart from Volos, which is a few hours away from both Athens and Thessaloniki.

The Saronic Islands and Argolic Gulf

Relatively close to Athens, the Argo-Saronic (or Saronic) cluster of islands resides. Here the sailing routes often offer ideal sailing conditions, due to the clean and tranquil waters. Particularly along the east coast of Peloponnese. Perfect for sailors with a variety of sailing experience, making this another ideal location in Greece for a sailing getaway destination.

The winds around this group of islands are not too strong, so we recommend taking the time to explore the small islands, all with unique characteristics. Such as pine-covered Poros, which is a charming little island next to Peloponnese. As well as Hydra, with its beautiful harbour and neoclassical mansions. Lastly but no means least, Spetses, which is equally gorgeous with wood-shielded beaches and hidden coves. To reach these set of islands, setting off from the marina of Alimos in Athens is the most direct. 

During the trip around these group of islands, well-organised port facilities can be found at Nafplion and Tolo and marinas in Porto Heli, Astros and Leonidio. 

From Alimos, there are a few yachts from Globus Yachting avaliable to hire, these include the Riviera 48 Luxury Motor Yacht, Posillipo Rizzardi 70 Motor Yacht and the 225 Ferretti 75 Luxury Motor Yacht.

The Cyclades

Known for their Melterni (strong winds) and famous for white-washed houses, blue-domed churches, sun-kissed beaches and cosmopolitan lifestyle, The Cyclades are considered the most desirable and well-known set of Greek islands to visit. The variety of lifestyles – from Mykonos, known for its summer party atmosphere, to playing Cast Away in Koufonissia – are very seductive and part of the reason for the Cyclades popularity. 

Must-visit islands here include Milos, with its spectacular landscapes, dramatic coves. Plus, it’s ideally located harbour of Adamas, shields from strong winds and bad weather, making it an excellent spot to anchor.

Santorini is another popular location, renowned for its natural beauty and famous for its majestic sunsets, which one could watch from the comfort of your boat. Exploring the volcano and the hot springs are also major selling points for this beautiful island. 

Other islands in the Cyclades include Folegandros, Paros, Naxos, Koufonisia, Donoussa, Kea, Tinos and Mykonos. 

The picturesque idea of sailing across the deep blue of the Aegean Sea, amongst these cluster of islands, as seagulls and dolphins often escort you on your way, attracts many sailors of varying experience. However, although the islands are reasonably close to one another, it is better to restrict the number of islands on your itinerary to reduce the amount of time spent travelling. One popular route is Kea, Syros, Mykonos, Kythnos. The more experienced sailors can head to the west Cyclades (Kythnos, Serifos, Sifnos and Milos), but must be wary of the stronger winds.

The Dodecanese Islands

The beautiful Dodecanese Islands are located in Southeast Aegean and treasured for their excellent climate, clear waters and sandy beaches, exquisite natural attractions and archaeological wonders. Not forgetting the impressive historical and religious monuments. This remarkable group of islands comprised of Rodos (Rhodes), Kos, Kalymnos, Patmos, Leros, Astypalea, Kasos, Karpathos, Nissiros, Symi, Tilos and Kastelorizo, as well as several smaller islands. Since this group of islands are very close to one another, it allows for plenty of time to explore the uninhabited islets of Agathonisi or Leipsi as well as the bigger islands. One should bear in mind that the more one chooses to explore, the more a longer stay may be required to enjoy them fully.

Sailing across the Dodecanese islands is now easier than ever with many boat charters on several of the islands with a variety of sized harbours to dock at if required.

The Ionian Islands

Lying off the west coast of Greece, in the open Ionian Sea, The Ionian Islands are known as the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean. This region comprises the beautiful islands of Corfu, Paxi and Antipaxi, Lefkada, Ithaki, Kefalonia, Zakynthos, Meganissi, Kalamos and Kythira. 

When planning to travel this group of islands in the Ionian Sea, it should be noted that departing from the harbour of Zakynthos is also highly recommended. From this harbour, The Blue Caves and the famous Navagio beach, which are only accessible by boat, are easily found. These caves and beach are more famously known as “Shipwreck Beach” and is a must-see. From this point, it is recommended to travel north to the breath-taking island of Kefalonia, don’t rush to your next destination as this island will require at least two days to explore and appriciate fully. 

Ithaca (Ithaka), its smaller satellite islands, and the stunning Lefkada awaits westwards, before journeying to the more well-known island of Corfu.


Crete is the largest of the Greek islands and resides near the African coastline. The waters around Crete are an excellent choice for a sailing destination with plenty to do and see. From docking in hidden coves and hidden beaches, relaxing onboard or dining in one of many delicious eateries by the water’s edge.

From Crete, the beautiful Versilcraft Princess 85 Motor Yacht is avaliable to hire from Globus Yachting. This boat can sleep uo to ten people, and the price includes a professional crew and water toys, such as a jet ski!


Another of the larger islands of Greece is the beautiful and tranquil island of Thassos. This island is perfect for a full-day sailing adventure. Dolphins are often spotted near the small island of Panagia, a protected marine ecosystem along the southern coast. Farther east lies an impressive array of rock formations. Continue north along the coast will take you to Paradise Beach, perfect for either a short exploration stop or a being a final destination, docking at the small harbour of Thassos town’s main port for a restful night before travelling home.

Has this inspired you? 

With the help of Skippermyboat, you can choose the perfect yacht and a variety of activities for the adventure of a lifetime. Book now to begin your unforgettable sailing vacation, in some of the most beautiful and historic islands on the planet.

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