Stockholm is the capital of Sweden and it features a tangled old town, dynamic city center, and stunning young districts that you can explore. It is among the main hubs of Scandinavia and it is filled with lots of attractions and iconic buildings that you can visit while there, along with a plethora of hidden gems that you can also encounter in the city apart from the main tourist attractions! Here are just a few that might not be in your guidebooks!_

Enjoy mesmerizing views of the city

Stockholm has a lot of magnificent lookouts where you will enjoy stunning views of the city. One of the top places to go for mind-blowing views of the city is Fafangan. This lookout is located southeast of the city and it is just about ten-minute walk from Slussen. You can easily spot this lookout from afar since there are trees and squares around the top of the tower. You are going to take a wooden stair to the viewpoint where you will be rewarded with mesmerizing views of Stockholm skyline, the island of Djurgarden, and also the cruise ships that arrives and leaves the city. If you are lucky to be in Stockholm when the weather is good, you can take along a bottle of wine and just enjoy stunning views while sipping wines. If you visit during the chillier months, you should visit during Saturday and Sunday so as to enjoy the brunches.

Go sightseeing at Blå Porten

If you are planning to visit the open-air museum Skansen or the fun amusement park, you should make sure you take some time to visit the Bla porten. Bla porten literally means the Blue Gate and it is a historical monument that is located at the entrance of Djurgarden. Bla Porten dates back to the 18th and 19th centuries and it was a hunting park while the Blue Gate was used to mark the King’s private hunting park. The best thing about Bla porten is that it can be found close to the gate and it provides a green open space where you can find a lake. This area is a perfect place to go for walks, picnics, and cycling.

Explore Sigtuna

This is just about an hour journey from the Stockholm Central and it is a perfect place to go for history lovers as you will feel like you are transported back to the past once you get here. Sigtuna was founded in 980 and it is the oldest town in Sweden and also was once the center of commercial activities in the country. You are going to find stunning old town structures which are well preserved like the churches that were built in the 14th century. The highlights of the town are Mariakrykan and St. Olaf’s Church Ruin. You should also head to Skokloster Castle where you will experience the life of the royal family in the 18th century.

Enjoy Summer Sing-Along Shows

Sweden is widely regarded as the third largest music exporter in the world and the country is filled with lots of talented artists like Avicii. Every year you are going to enjoy two live music shows at Skansen and Grona Lund which is known as Allsang pa Skansen and Sommarkyrsset respectively. During this shows lots of popular Swedish singers are going to be invited to perform live and also to interact with the crowd by singing traditional Swedish melodies. You should make sure you do not miss this event if you are lucky to come to the city during the time of the show. You should try to book your tickets in advance because the places are limited.

Go on Historical Stockholm walk

Lots of tourists usually overlook Prastgatan to Gamla Stan or the Old Town because you are going to find less shop and a restaurant here. This is quite different from Vasterlanggatan due to its lack of window displays and commercial signboards which makes it looks like a medieval street. Prastgastan got its name from the priests that were serving the main Cathedral Storkyrkan who lodged traditionally on prastgatan 18. This is a tradition that can be traced back to the 14th century. The best thing to do here is to stroll around the street.

Get out of the city!

It might not be your more typical idea of sailing, but one of the best things to do while in Stockholm is to hop on a boat and see what Scandinavia has to offer you! With darkness only occurring for three hours a day in the summer, Sweden is a fantastic spot filled with undisturbed nature, sheltered waters, clean beaches, deserted islands, or islands and coastal fishing villages with fabulous seafood restaurants, bars and activity stop-offs! Or go Viking and find the medieval towns and settlements and for a taste of the tradition! It’s as easy as seeing what boats are available for use while you’re there, and that’s only a click away! We’d recommend heading in July – September to get the full experience!

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