So let’s say you own a boat and you have an awesome time on it when using it with friends and family; but what happens when nobody is using it? Suddenly, your shiniest toy is now your largest depreciating asset.

Lucky for you, the fine folks at SkipperMyBoat have been working on a platform to empower you and your boat to make money while you’re not using it.

How does it work?

  • Easily register an account and list your boat securely
  • Once active, thousands of people can search your boat instantly
  • Our platform takes care of the marketing for you
  • One simple dashboard and calendar to manage your pricing
  • Receive booking enquires via SMS, email, and through the app
  • Payments are handled securely through our platform, hassle free
  • Full customer details and verifications are handled by us
  • Calendar system to handle dates, prices, and location changes
  • Your boat is protected up to $1,000,000 on your trips
  • 24/7 support for you and your guests anywhere in the world

Setting up your account

You can quickly sign up for a SkipperMyBoat account. Our platform is completely free to use.

Sign up is available through Facebook, Google or via email. Once you’re in, you can set a profile picture and fill out other details to confirm your identity and complete your profile.

SkipperMyBoat is a community populated website. This means the more you complete your profile and listings, the more likely guests will be to book with you.

Listing Your Boat

Next, you can list your boat, a beautiful boat that deserves a beautiful listing. We’ve made this process as streamlined and easy as possible. Eight steps and you’re done. That’s it! We do all the hard work for you once your boat is active.

You’ll can provide fun things like your favorite videos of your boat, all the cool activities you can do on your boat, and less interesting things like engine specs for the serious booking sailor out there. We also provide help and explanations of each value if you’re unsure about anything. Finally, we automatically send your boat info to Lloyds of London to protect your boat up to $1,000,000.

Going Active

Clicking the make active button makes your boat accessible on our world map and visible to thousands of guests currently using our site to book their next perfect getaway. We also feature the most well-presented boats in our newsletter and in the inspiration tab.

Then sit back and relax, when a booking enquiry comes through – we’ll notify you via SMS, email or through the app (depending on your notification settings). When a request is made you’ll know exactly which boat it’s for, the dates, amount of guests, and any extras selected thanks to our intelligent messaging/enquiry system.

Securing bookings

When someone enquiries, you’ll have the ability to reply back to them through the site, app, SMS or email with our secure communication server. Your personal details are never shared with anyone. Sensitive information needed for booking (like location, passwords, travel details) is shared only once a guest has made a booking and paid.

Our industry-leading platform keeps you safe and secure throughout the whole process. By staying in our platform you are protected by our terms of service and fraud prevention tools. We pay directly into your account the day after your guest arrives. We can also handle deposits and supply payments.

Get Sailing

That’s pretty much it! We hope you enjoy hosting guests as much as we do building a platform for you and your guests to use. After your trip is completed, you can both leave each other a review; which stays on their profile for other hosts and guests to see. You can also request money from your guests during or after your booking through our system for unforeseen expenses or extra requests.

If you think you have an interesting feature request for us to add to the host platform, or you want help getting started on the system, don’t hesitate to click that little pink button in the bottom right of all of our pages on the main site. It will put you straight through to one of our friendly concierge team members!

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