Looking for the most beautiful spots in America to anchor? Here’s our pick of three fantastic boating destinations you don’t want to miss.

1. New York City

Welcome to the Empire State of Boating! This sailing spot combines the beauty of the most beloved city on earth with leisure and luxury a boating holiday can provide. 

Whether you enjoy sailing, fishing or watching fireworks light up the Great SouthBay — you can have it all here. 

Best parts to visit: 

The New York skyline is one of the world’s most iconic cityscapes. But to trulyappreciate its scale and majesty, you need to be viewing it from the water. Here, you may also see the famous Statue of Liberty, which stands in New York Harbor. The mighty Brooklyn Bridge is another landmark to behold, the world’s first steel-wire suspension bridge. You can marvel at some of the world’s best-known sights from the comfort of your rental. 

Taking a fishing trip from New York is a great way to unwind, and so accessible. You can travel beyond the city limits and out towards the east. 

A trip to Freeport is not to be missed, known for its love of theatre and its fantastic farmers market. Freeport also has an abundance of bars and beach-side restaurants, which is perfect for relaxed lunching, or a social evening. There are a plethora of family-friendly activities to choose from here, including shows at the Jones Beach Theater.

Further east, you can discover the wonders of the Long Island beaches, the Montauk Lighthouse, the ritzy Hamptons and Fire Island are there, waiting to be explored.

Or if a trip up the Hudson River is more for you, head north, where you can admireviews of the dramatic Palisade Cliffs from the comfort of your boat. The River is another fantastic way to escape the busy city, with 300 miles of sailing space and lots of wildlife to capture your sense of adventure. 

When best to go:

June through to September is the warmest times of the year, with temperatures rising above 23 degrees C or 80 degrees F.

For fishing, the best times of year to visit are April through to May, which is prime time for fishing steelhead’s, or September through to December, which is best for catching Salmon. 

2. Boston, MA

Here is a coastline you don’t want to cross off your itinerary. Boaters from all over the world come here to explore the waters around Martha’s Vineyard and Gloucester, due to its rich history and fascinating wildlife.

Best parts to visit: 

A must while visiting Boston is watching whales in their natural habitat. Not far from the mouth of Massachusetts Bay, Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary, an 842-square-mile stretch of open water serves as a fertile feeding ground for whales, dolphins, sea birds and more. The perfect place to travel and catch a glimpse of these majestic animals. 

We also recommend exploring the National Park in Boston Harbor with no fewer than 34 islands for you to discover. These spaces are open to the public, but you can only reach them with a private boat. Because of this, each one still pristine and spectacular. If you plan to camp out overnight, head to Lovells, Peddocks or Grape for their secluded beaches. Cape Cod is among our favourites, especially the flat waters of the Mill Pond. With its lighthouse view, pleasant breeze and local fishing, you’ll have a surreal experience. 

Hadley Harbor is also world-renowned for its beauty, so be sure to stop by. Swim in the afternoon, then anchor at night; take in the surrounding view of outlying islands and catch a glimpse of the Forbes Mansion shimmering in the distance!

Over at Bumpkin Island, historic spots make a lovely and enchanting backdrop for an evening of sailing. 

Filled with small islands and little fishing harbours it’s no wonder people have been coming to Boston on boating holidays for centuries. 

When best to go:

June through to October are the best times of year to visit. The early stages of autumn in Boston are breath-taking.

The temperatures during this period rise above 15 degrees C or 60 degrees F.

Plan to take part in some whale watching? For the best chances of seeing these magnificent creatures is through April to October, although whales can dwell in Bay waters as early as mid-March and as late as early November. 

For fishing, the best times of year to visit, vary dependent on the type of fish. The best Cod, Haddock and Flounder fishing times are around April and runs until the end of June, although Cod fishing continues into Late October. 

For Striped Bass, the best fishing times are from May until the end of September. Bluefish is a powerful fighting fish and are difficult to apprehend due to their strength. If you want a challenge, the best chances of catching one start from the end of June or early July.

For big game fish, like Giant Bluefin Tuna, June through October are the best times to try to hook one.

3. Panama City, FL

For a real adventure on the water, head out to Panama City on the Gulf of Mexico.Here you can take part in everything from banana boat rides to jet-skis and kitesurfing adventures. These exciting watersport activities are waiting for you.  

Best parts to visit: 

Saint Andrew Bay has an array of activities to choose from, so you could never get bored. Come evening there is a bustling nightlife and many opportunities for some retail therapy, such as its beautiful Farmers markets. Or if one wants to relax, we recommend the sandbar.

For something a little more on the wild side, we recommend a visit Bear Creek Feline Centre, home to Florida wildcats and exotic felines. Here it is BCFC’s mission is one of conservation and public education, designed to illuminate the plight of threatened and endangered felines. A noble cause and excellent family-friendly activity.

Shell Island, named for the abundant shells covering its beach, is uninhabited. Therefore has the most wondrous charm, making it popular with kitesurfers chasing the wind.

For the smoothest sand, travel to Panama City Beach. With pure white sand and crystal clear water, it’s completely relaxing and also very family-friendly. At sundown, there’s no better place to view a spectacular and natural light show.

When best to go:

May through October are the best times of year to visit. The area boasts an average of 320 days of sunshine per year. Although it is best to avoid going to visit during March and April. Due to the deluge of college students who descend on the area’s ivory sands every year for spring break. Late spring, summer and early fall offer some of the warmest air and water temperatures.

The temperatures during this period will usually be at lowest 15 degrees C or 60 degrees F, with highs over 32 degrees C or 90 degrees F.

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